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Situated in Southernwood, East London, the On Track Wellness Centre provides a wide range of specialised products and services aimed at improving the lives of amputee’s and those with physical disabilities and injuries.

As the manufacturer and supplier of Prosthetic and Orthotic Appliances, the On Track Wellness Centre provides quality products and professional service with the aim of providing solutions that enable a better lifestyle.

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The wellness centre was founded in October 2001 with our head office in East London and clinics in Queenstown and Mthatha. The centre is a full service Orthotic and Prosthetic facility and we strive to provide the best quality care and professional service to all patients. 

We believe that our growth and success can be attributed to our dedication in helping all our patients to reduce their pain, increase their mobility and improve their independence.

 We provide the best possible solutions for patients who have lost or were born without limbs to enable them to live a dignified life. We strive to meet the needs of every individual, whether your quality of life is affected by injury, amputation or bio-mechanical deficiency.  We treat all patients with dignity, respect, ensure that they all lead an active lifestyle and prevent physical challenges from hindering their goals and opportunities. 

 Modern technology allows me to produce prosthetic appliances that are lighter, more flexible and are at the forefront of technology.  I design and create the prosthesis, provide the patient with the best suited products and ensure the prosthesis if fitting comfortably.  I ensure that the patient is happy and the device is functional.  I manufacture, fit and rehabilitate my amputees to ensure they make full use of their prosthetic devices. 

The orthotic division provides a range of splints, braces and special footwear to help improve movement, relieve discomfort and stabilize deformities.  We supply ready-made Orthosis  and custom made devices.  I ensure that these devices enable the patient to be comfortable, mobile and independent. 

We try our best to help with community work and support individuals needing financial assistance with prosthesis.  We are compliant with all medical schemes, Road accident fund and Compensation commissioner Centres. 

Founder and Certified Orthotist & Prosthetist

Roland has over 30 years’ experience in the profession, having completed his National diploma in Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics at the Pretoria Technicon in 1992 & B-Tech degree in Medical Orthotics and prosthetics at the Tshwane University of Technology in 2011.  His diverse experience from working in a government institution to manufacturing high end sports prosthesis   and creating advanced Orthopaedic appliances in his private practice is part of his professional journey.  Roland is passionate about helping people and seeing them reach their full potential and achieve their goals.  He has dedicated himself to improve his wellness centre so that patients receive the best professional care and advice.  He works with other medical professionals, so that patients receive a holistic approach with regards to the treatment options available to improve their lifestyles. 

Roland continues to improve and expand his knowledge to assist patients requirements, he is certified with LOASA and WHASA to treat lymphoedema, diabetic and venous ulcers. 


Roland Toogood offers the highest quality in orthotics health care services.



We offer a wide range of braces to cover all forms of injury as well as professional brace fitment.



We have compression garments products available to eliminate swelling and increase the blood flow.  



We have a wide variety of diabetic footwear available to increase blood flow. 



Custom-made foot orthotics are made using the latest in foot orthotic technology.