What is Prosthetics?

Prosthetics involves the use of artificial limbs (prostheses) to enhance the function and lifestyle of persons with limb loss.  The prosthesis must be a unique combination of appropriate materials, alignment, and design to match the functional needs of the individual.  These needs are complex and vary for upper and lower extremities. 

Lower limb prostheses might address stability in standing, walking, shock absorption, energy storage and return, cosmetic appearance and even extraordinary functional needs associated with running, jumping or other athletic activities. 

Upper limb prostheses might address reaching and grasping, specific occupational challenges such as hammering, painting or weight lifting and activities of daily living such as eating, writing and dressing.

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We deal with all medical aids, private patients, IOD and Road accident (RAF) clients.


As a manufacturer and supplier of Prosthetic (consultation, evaluation, measuring, manufacturing, custom fitting & rehabilitation of artificial limbs) and Orthotic appliances, (these braces enhance, help to mobilise, and support the body), Roland Toogood provides a quality professional service ensuring you enjoy a better and more fulfilled lifestyle.

We provide solutions by pairing the patient with the most effective Orthotic and prosthetic equipment to achieve a successful result. We use state of the art diagnostic equipment, up to date product knowledge and staff that are professional and passionate about each patient that is consulted with.


We provide solutions by pairing the patient with the most effective orthotic and prosthetic equipment to achieve a successful result.

Lower Extremities

Each limb is made using the most up to date technology and is specifically designed to meet your individual needs.


Upper Extremities

All prosthesis are custom made, functional, comfortable and manufactured to the amputees specific needs. 


Micro Processor Feet

Our many years of experience means we have a vast amount of knowledge in the field which we use to enhance the lifestyle of all amputee patients.


Breast Prostetics

Renew your confidence and enjoy everyday life! Breast prostheses are designed to give the natural feeling of a real breast.