Socket technology

The prosthetic socket is the most important component of the prosthesis.

The socket needs to be good fitting and comfortable in order to achieve a prosthesis that is functional to the end user.  The manufactured prosthetic socket must ensure that the patient is comfortable, stable and in control of their mobility device. 

We apply various techniques when manufacturing a prosthetic socket as each patient is unique and the method applied would be best suited for that individual. 

As technology evolves so does our knowledge and methods change, currently the direct socket technology has improved on the modular socket system.  The direct socket system offers a mobile socket making system that requires only one appointment to produce the socket.  The direct socket system is simple, efficient and can be used to fabricate sockets for Transtibial and Transfemoral patients

The goal for most people following major surgery is to get back on their feet as soon as possible.  Effective rehabilitation focuses on that goal, helping patients to heal quickly and prepare the prosthetic limb as soon as it is feasible. The key part of the healing process is successful compression of the residual stump.

Post-operative treatment is recommended to first time amputees in order to reduce the swelling and protect the residual stump.  The rigid dressing (ORD) is a vacuum dressing that is used to control post-operative odema and prevent knee contracture and protect the residual stump.  The best results are often achieved when the post op liners are used in addition to the ORD to help shape the residual stump and enabling it to develop more effectively. The transition from ORD to prosthesis use can be seamless and effective.

Good prosthetic outcomes depend on integrated rehabilitation that starts before the 1st prosthesis is manufactured.  People who are well prepared for prosthetic solutions (physically & emotionally) tend to return more quickly to their preferred everyday activities.

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As a manufacturer and supplier of Prosthetic (consultation, evaluation, measuring, manufacturing, custom fitting & rehabilitation of artificial limbs) and Orthotic appliances, (these braces enhance, help to mobilise, and support the body), Roland Toogood provides a quality professional service ensuring you enjoy a better and more fulfilled lifestyle.

We provide solutions by pairing the patient with the most effective Orthotic and prosthetic equipment to achieve a successful result. We use state of the art diagnostic equipment, up to date product knowledge and staff that are professional and passionate about each patient that is consulted with.


We provide solutions by pairing the patient with the most effective orthotic and prosthetic equipment to achieve a successful result.

Lower Extremities

Each limb is made using the most up to date technology and is specifically designed to meet your individual needs.


Upper Extremities

All prosthesis are custom made, functional, comfortable and manufactured to the amputees specific needs. 


Micro Processor Feet

Our many years of experience means we have a vast amount of knowledge in the field which we use to enhance the lifestyle of all amputee patients.


Breast Prostetics

Renew your confidence and enjoy everyday life! Breast prostheses are designed to give the natural feeling of a real breast.