Come in for a FREE assessement. Situated inside the On Track Wellness Centre is the Mastectomy Breast Prosthesis and Garment Fitting Centre, offering mastectomy patients, a comfortable environment where they can receive professional post-op care and services.

Renew your confidence and enjoy everyday life! Visit our garment fitting centre. 


  • Form fill breast forms (best solution for scar area, slow healing wounds and radiotherapy)
  • Shell forms (ideal for compensating unevenness)
  • Conforms (ideal for sensitive scar tissue)
  • Direct forms (ultra-thin adhesive strips holds the breast form into place directly on the skin)
  • Silicone breast forms (different shapes)
  • Prosthetic bras 

Breast prostheses are designed to give the natural feeling of a real breast.
Breast forms are silicone based and can be worn directly on the skin or fitted inside a mastectomy bra. Breast forms are available in different shapes, sizes and skin tones to cater for individual needs.

Fibrefill breast forms (soft, light and gentle on the skin) can be worn immediately after surgery and during treatment. Post-operative bras promote healing and assist with swelling that result from the surgery.

Compression arm sleeves are available to prevent the onset on Lymphoedema or manage the condition if it already exists.

Whether breast cancer is new to you, whether you have been through a mastectomy recently or even a while ago, whether you are in need of a new bra or breast prosthesis or simply need advice and support, please feel free to contact our office. All our consultations are private and confidential.

Our highly trained professionals will assist you in restoring the balance of your body and avoid spinal curvature, by fitting the correct bra and the correct shape, size and weight of the breast prosthesis.


Mastectomy bras come in different styles and colours.
They are beautifully designed with padded shoulder straps, full cup coverage and inner pockets to hold the prosthesis firmly in place to give the patient comfort and support.

Swimming costumes are designed with pockets in the breast cups to secure the breast prosthesis during activity.

Although our breast forms are water resistant, a swimming prosthesis called a swim form is recommended for those that are regular swimmers.



We provide solutions by pairing the patient with the most effective orthotic and prosthetic equipment to achieve a successful result. 


Lower Extremities

Each limb is made using the most up to date technology and is specifically designed to meet your individual needs.


Upper Extremities

All prosthesis are custom made, functional, comfortable and manufactured to the amputees specific needs. 


Micro Processor Feet

Our many years of experience means we have a vast amount of knowledge in the field which we use to enhance the lifestyle of all amputee patients.


Breast Prostetics

Renew your confidence and enjoy everyday life! Breast prostheses are designed to give the natural feeling of a real breast.